Digital Aurum combines its extensive knowledge, industry connections and experience in business development, product management, retail channel development, creative marketing, design and more to assist you with publishing, launching, marketing and managing your new and existing software products. We offer all the tools you need to succeed.

Our services include:

  • Product assessment (including assessment of product design, packaging, documentation, sales potential).
  • Market analysis (including assessment of competition, prospects, target audience).
  • Business development and strategy consultation.
  • Package design consultation.
  • Manufacturing management /support /implementation.
  • Press release writing, localization and distribution.
  • User manual and presentation material building, optimization and localization.
  • Brand awareness and product identity and visibility building.
  • Marketing campaign planning and management.
  • Pitching for editorial coverage in online / offline oriented publications.
  • Product distribution and sales channel development.
  • Order fulfillment, inventory and product return management.
  • Trademark and patent protection consultation and implementation.

For detailed information on specific services we can offer your company, please contact us.

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